Business Owners` Pod Talk

When ID Theft Gets Personal

May 22, 2016


·         A national survey of online households indicates that 45% of us are worried about credit card and banking fraud.  Here’s the kicker:  One-third of those households no longer purchase goods and services on the Internet.


·         Same survey:  63% of us are worried about identity theft – and by a loss of control over our personal data.


·         LinkedIn last week admitted that a 2012 data breach affected login data for more than 100 million users, not the 6.5 million originally noted.  According to the Los Angeles Times, a hacker is selling user data on the Dark Web.  LI now says users should change their passwords.


·         The same day, the Milwaukee Bucks (NBA team) reported that players’ W-2 information (Social Security numbers, names and addresses, birthdates and compensation) reported to the IRS has been stolen.


That makes our new Business Owners' Pod Talk, When ID Theft Gets Personal, especially timely.  Listen in at -- and share with friends and family.  The guest, who offers protection suggestions, is identity theft expert George Vroustouris.